Are you a hotel operator ?

HelloPassenger offers its service as the privileged partner of hotel operators.

Our storage and baggage handling services allow you to bring real added value to the customer experience. By becoming a partner of HelloPassenger, your guests will appreciate not being encumbered by their baggage from their arrival at the hotel to their departure for the Charles-de-Gaulle airport.

A baggage transport service between the Charles-de-Gaulle Airport and your hotel

To facilitate travelers, HelloPassenger provides a baggage delivery service between your hotel and Charles-de-Gaulle airport at check-in and check-out.

Upon arrival at CDG airport, HelloPassenger takes charge of delivering travelers’ baggage to the hotel where they are staying in Paris. A service suitable for both large and small baggage.

At check-out time, HelloPassenger ensures the transfer of baggage from the hotel to Charles-de-Gaulle airport.

In addition, we offer travelers the choice of BdM Premium [Bagage du Monde]. This service offers baggage recovery by a member of our crew at the carousel. Upon departure from the hotel, a driver will return the baggage to the registration area.

A service to ensure the transfer of the keys 

HelloPassenger also has a baggage storage service at Charles-de-Gaulle airport. This service allows travelers to retrieve the keys to their room upon their arrival at the airport.

HelloPassenger also lets your guests deposit their keys in storage at the time of their departure from Paris. We'll then take charge of returning them to you. 

Delivery of found objects to facilitate your guests during their stay

During their trip, it may happen that your guests lose an object on the plane or in the airport. HelloPassenger collaborates with Paris airport and all the airlines to ensure the delivery of the object to the hotel or to their home.

By contacting us, travelers will have the opportunity to choose the place where they wish to recover their object and to enter a specific address.


HelloPassenger also collaborates with the trade show organizers and travel agencies.

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