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Luggage transport, left luggage at CDG airport, lost property: we will answer your questions

During a transit between two flights at Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, depositing your luggage in the locker room is a necessity if you want to roam within The City of Lights or the airport. HelloPassenger accompanies you throughout your transit. We also offer to carry your luggage and many other services. Discover the most frequent questions from travelers at CDG airport below.

Transport of luggage

The plane is a very safe mode of transport but which is not immune to some hiccups. In fact, the loss of suitcases is infrequent but is nevertheless possible.

What should I do if my baggage is lost at Charles de Gaulle Airport? HelloPassenger explains you the process to follow. First, contact the baggage service of your airline. A file with your name will thus be established and will allow you to recover your property as soon as possible. If you are already outside the airport, know that you have 48 hours after the arrival of the plane to report your missing baggage.

Security standards at CDG Airport are very high. They comply with airport security rules.

Any traveler who leaves a baggage deposit is subject to an identity check. Also, he must present his national identity card, or passport, to the exclusion of any other document.

Then the baggage is checked by means of X-ray equipment. Finally, they are identified, recorded and scanned so that you can then retrieve them after your stopover.

Finally, the airport is a highly secure place. All luggage is scrupulously stored in an agency equipped with a video surveillance system.

Baggage claim between two flights is possible for a connection at Charles-de-Gaulle airport, whether you have booked two flights with the same airline or with two different airlines.

It is essential that you collect your luggage at the connecting airport before boarding your next flight to avoid losing it on the way. Baggage recovery procedures during stopovers at Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport have been improved so that travelers can quickly check in their baggage after a first flight.

In the event that your first flight has been delayed, CDG Airport will ensure that you have enough time to check in your luggage by making the second plane wait or by reserving seats for the next flight. Since some flights do not wait, it is however advisable to hurry up with the recovery and new check-in of baggage.

In theory, it is not forbidden to deposit luggage containing money at the Charles-de-Gaulle airport. It goes without saying that you will then have taken the precaution of locking and labeling the luggage entrusted to the locker. It is a mandatory process.

Furthermore, and to ensure your peace of mind, the premises in which luggage is stored are controlled by a video surveillance system. That said, the deposit services do not accept responsibility for theft of money or precious objects. This is a usual rule, which also applies to the deposit for Charles-de-Gaulle airport. It is therefore much better to keep your money with you.

When you are in transit at Paris Charles-de-Gaulle airport, it can be difficult to rest when you have a lot of luggage to watch. In addition, leaving your luggage unattended is prohibited and may result in you paying a fine of 750 euros. The demining services may also decide to destroy abandoned baggage.

It is often preferable to use a luggage storage service so that you can leave your luggage in peace. The HelloPassenger agency offers luggage storage and security services for all types of luggage to allow passengers in transit at Paris CDG airport to wait without having to worry about their business.

The agency's luggage security service is optimal and allows you to be able to circulate with confidence in the airport, sleep or make purchases, without the risk of theft, loss or destruction of luggage. HelloPassenger is located on level 4 of the CDG airport SNCF station.

HelloPassenger offers to drop off your luggage at the Charles-de-Gaulle airport so that you are less loaded before boarding your flight or while waiting for a connection.

In the cabin, the authorized baggage weights and dimensions depend on the airlines. Air France authorizes:

  • 1 or 2 pieces of luggage depending on your travel cabin and 1 accessory;
  • Cabin baggage can measure up to 55 x 35 x 25 cm maximum and weigh up to 12 or 18 kg;
  • The accessory can be a handbag, a satchel, a satchel for a laptop, camera or any other electronic device. The authorized dimensions of the accessory are 40 x 30 x 15 cm.

The weight and dimensions of checked baggage also depend on the airlines. Air France authorizes hold baggage up to 158 cm in weight, 23 kg in Economy and Premium Economy cabins or 32 kg in Business and La Première cabins.

If you wish to transport larger luggage, you can subscribe to an option. This allows luggage to be checked into baggage not exceeding 300 cm and 32 kg.

Luggage will be checked before being installed in the locker to ensure the safety of all passengers. The identity of the person who deposits their luggage will also be verified before any deposit.

Luggage can be left in luggage storage at Charles-de-Gaulle airport for a few hours or for several days. The prices are directly available online. Travelers will be able to visit Paris and its many monuments.


It is not forbidden to keep food stored at the Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport. The duration of the consignment is however limited by the type of food product you wish to consign.

If easily perishable foods like sandwiches, natural juices or fries can only be kept for a few hours, those that can be stored for a long time like soft drinks or dried fruit are allowed for a few days. It is important to emphasize that each food item that you send on consignment to CDG airport must be well wrapped and protected so that it does not get damaged in your luggage.

HelloPassenger will refuse smelly foods.


If you want to take advantage of a stopover in Paris without being embarrassed by all of your luggage, you can deposit it in a luggage storage located at Charles-de-Gaulle airport and managed by the HelloPassenger company.

Like all baggage checked upon boarding, that which is entrusted to the left-luggage office is checked using X-ray equipment. In accordance with the general security rules in force at airports, certain objects are prohibited and cannot be left in the luggage room.

The HelloPassenger locker is subject to hold baggage security regulations. It is therefore prohibited to deposit explosive or incendiary substances and devices likely to be used to cause serious injury or to threaten the safety of an aircraft, in particular:

  • ammunition,
  • primers,
  • detonators and detonating cords,
  • mines, grenades and other military explosives,
  • fireworks and other pyrotechnic articles,
  • smoke bombs and cartridges,
  • dynamite, powder and plastic explosive.

If you have booked two flights with two different airlines, your baggage cannot be transferred automatically.

This means that you have the obligation (if you do not wish to search for them afterwards) to collect them at the connecting airport, in order to check them back in the terminal corresponding to the departure of your second flight.

You should allow enough time, because the second plane is not likely to wait for you before taking off! In some cases, even if you have two flights with the same airline, you will often be asked to check in again.

In any case, take the time to inquire beforehand with the hostesses or stewards on board your first plane. They know the airport where you are going to transit and can tell you exactly what to do.

The left-luggage office at Charles de Gaulle Airport awaits you every day between 6 a.m. and 9:30 p.m.

The left-luggage office is located at terminal 2, level 4 of the TGV-RER station, which faces the Sheraton hotel.

The prices depend on the type of luggage and the duration of the deposit.

There are 4 types of luggage:

  • Accessories: Baggage weighing less than 3 kg (laptop, cameras, etc.)
  • Cabin: Baggage weighing less than 9 kg. Max dimensions: 55 * 35 * 25 cm
  • Hold: Baggage weighing less than 30 kg. Unfolded dimensions <158 cm
  • Out of Format: Baggage weighing more than 30kg and / or unfolded dimensions> 158cm

Yes, it is possible to take a stroller to the door of the aircraft but it must pass through a security check.

However, each airline sets its own rules for taking care of strollers. During a stopover at CDG airport, if your stroller is too large and it has been checked in as checked baggage, terminal 2E has a baby area with two self-service stroller points.

You can go there after security checks. You can always check that your baby's stroller is authorized in the cabin by passing it on the "cabin baggage gauge". That said, find out beforehand about the rules applied by the airline for the transport of strollers in the cabin. The use of a cane stroller or yoyo stroller is recommended. These types of strollers are made available by HelloPassenger within our agency.


Nothing is easier than transporting animals by plane with HelloPassenger!

Indeed, HelloPassenger will help you make your animals travel safely and in compliance with the sanitary rules of the host country and the IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations.

Discover our service dedicated to animal transport by plane.

HelloPassenger's luggage storage service will also allow you to keep your pet's cage guarded during your transit at CDG airport. To do this, nothing could be simpler than going to the HelloPassenger agency at CDG airport and depositing the cage of your pet. If you want to visit Paris quietly, we propose you to keep your pet during your transit at Charles-de-Gaulle airport.

HelloPassenger allows you to drop various luggage items at Charles-de-Gaulle airport

 In addition to accessories, cabin luggage, checked luggage or oversized items, HelloPassenger has a secure cloakroom. This cloakroom can, for example, allow you to put your summer clothes on the eve of a trip to a cold country.

We also allow you to deposit your hotel or other accommodation keys at our agency. We will then take care of returning them to the owner.

Finally, HelloPassenger invites you to deposit sporting goods such as skis, fishing equipment, motorcycle helmets or others in deposit.


A deposit of your left luggage facilitated by our Transport service

Don't have the time to drop off your luggage at the airport? HelloPassenger takes care of picking them up at home. A luggage transport and delivery service for your arrival and departure from CDG airport.

Upon arrival: A HelloPassenger Cabman collects your luggage at the airport and delivers it to your place of stay.

For your departure: Our Cabman will deliver your luggage to the airport.

Information and timetables

Many passengers tend to ignore the transit time between two terminals when planning their trip.

So be sure not to make this mistake, taking the time to calculate enough time to anticipate possible delays, formalities and unforeseen events. This will prevent you from missing your flight, which often happens to passengers who have not deemed it necessary to inform themselves beforehand about a minimum of things.

Also think of your checked baggage, as a minimum time is required for its transhipment. It is therefore important to take into account the minimum durations recommended by Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport, namely:

  • 60 minutes for a 1/2/3 intra-terminal connection;
  • 75 minutes for a connection between terminals 1 and 2;
  • and 90 minutes for a connection between terminal 1/2 and terminal 3.

Also note that for long or short term transit, HelloPassenger offers to drop off your luggage at the CDG 2 TGV station Level 4 between Terminal 2C and 2E.

Charles-de-Gaulle Airport has spaces dedicated to families traveling with children. These furnished spaces have several games and entertainment equipment suitable for children from 4 to 10 years old.

Play furniture and other games offered at CDG airport are accessible to all in self-service. It is however important to emphasize that these spaces are in no way monitored. You are therefore advised to keep an eye on the safety of your children when they are playing. Note that a free Wi-Fi service has been placed near these play areas.

The children's areas at Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport are intended to occupy them during stopovers and are excellent ways to wait before the next flight. They make travel easier and allow you to start your vacation off right.

Also note that HelloPassenger gives you the possibility to rent strollers, umbrella beds and car seats. If you prefer to ventilate, HelloPassenger also offers a service to take care of your luggage in deposit.

The various bars and restaurants located within the multiple terminals of Charles-de-Gaulle Airport welcome tourists as well as businessmen wishing to enjoy a short break before or after boarding.

Each terminal has a public area open to everyone as well as a reserved area for people looking for a quiet place to work or chat more intimately. Private areas generally have isolated tables and special tables ideal for small meetings.

You will be able to work in certain areas common to all terminals including the Brioche Dorée, Naked, Exki, Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar, Starbucks Coffee, Bert's, Illy Café or even Paul.

Terminal 2E presents itself as one of the places with the maximum of private areas of the whole Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport. You will be able to work quietly in almost twenty restaurants and bars located in the reserved areas of hall K, L and M.

In transit at CDG airport it is sometimes desirable to spend the night there. There are no less than twenty hotels in the immediate perimeter of the airport, ranging from low-cost hotels to 4-star hotels.

If you want to spend one or more nights in the heart of the airport, know that YotelAir allows you to sleep in a room located in the customs area of ​​terminal 2E.

You can also stay in apartment hotels. Whichever hotel you choose, it is best to book your room in advance. If all the hotels near CDG airport prove to be full, other establishments are available in the vicinity, easily accessible by taxi or by taking the RER B.

Thus there are several hotels around the stations "Parc des expositions", "Villepinte" or "La Plaine-Stade de France". Also thanks to RER B, you can also return to central Paris in around 30 minutes. Whether at the "Gare du Nord" station or at "Châtelet-Les Halles", it is possible to access numerous hotels of all standards.

To facilitate your arrival at the hotel, HelloPassenger can deliver your luggage to the address of your choice. These can also be transported to Charles de Gaulle Airport when you leave Paris.

For a shorter duration, note that HelloPassenger offers a left-luggage service at CDG airport.

The HelloPassenger agency services are available at Charles-de-Gaulle airport. You can visit us at the CDG airport TGV station on level 4, opposite Sheraton Hotel, between terminal 2C and terminal 2E.

Our agency is also located near the RER station, the Hotels shuttle, taxis and the CDG VAL station, a train that connects terminal 2 to terminals 1 and 3.

HelloPassenger is at the disposal of all passengers in transit to offer them its services of secure luggage storage as well as luggage transport. Depending on location and availability, it is also possible to rent scooters for faster travel at Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport [SdC2] or to take a stroll in Paris. Baby cribs and strollers are also available. In addition, it is also possible to buy a sim card from one of the HelloPassenger agencies at CDG airport.

We can provide a location plan.

In addition to luggage storage and luggage transport services, HelloPassenger also offers the sale of SIM cards at Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport.

These SIM cards allow passengers who do not have a roaming option on their phone to call their loved one as soon as they arrive at the airport. They also allow those who wish to go to a country which is not included in their roaming offer, to call without any problem.

In other words, the SIM cards provided by HelloPassenger allow you to call abroad. Marketed at very affordable prices, the rates applied by these SIM cards have the advantage of being very reasonable, allowing each passenger to benefit from them. So do not hesitate to acquire a SIM card from HelloPassenger too, to protect yourself from certain inconveniences.

We also provide Pocket Wifi to allow you to be connected to Charles-de-Gaulle airport.

Yes, it is possible to ride a scooter at Paris Charles-de-Gaulle airport. The circulation of scooters and electric vehicles is authorized both inside a terminal and between terminals.

The HelloPassenger agency manages all the services related to the luggage storage as well as various rental services at CDG airport. It is with this agency located in the TGV station on level 4, that you can rent a scooter to facilitate your movements inside Charles-de-Gaulle airport.

Also, thanks to your rental scooter, you can take advantage of your transit in Paris to have a practical, efficient, economical and ecological means of transport. Very popular for trips to Paris, the scooter allows you to quickly connect the various best-known monuments of the capital in order to optimize your visit time and make the most of your transit in Paris to do some sightseeing.

You were impatiently waiting for the holidays and unfortunately, when you arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport, your luggage was lost. What to do ? Can I be compensated for the loss of luggage at CDG airport?

Good news, the answer is yes! First, you need to get in touch with the Luggage service of the airline concerned at Charles de Gaulle Airport, to create a file that will be used for the complaint you will make. A written request must then be sent to the airline, within 21 days of the loss of luggage, in order to be compensated.

A maximum sum of 1300 euros in compensation is provided for and fixed by an agreement for all flights by European airlines.

On the other hand, the loss of jewelry or valuables cannot be reimbursed, because it is specified not to put them in checked luggage but to keep them with you, in your hand luggage.

You can collect your luggage at the CDG airport locker at any time, between 6 am and 9:30 pm, every day without interruption. You can deposit them for an unlimited period and collect them the next day or several days after.

The prices vary according to the duration of deposit and the number of checked bags, as well as their weight. Note, however, that at certain times the attendance at the locker is greater than at other times of the day. In all cases, allow 5 minutes for check-in and check-out of suitcases.

The peak periods are as follows:

From May to September: 8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m .;

From October to April: 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.

In order to avoid queuing and waiting during these periods, a skip-the-line service is offered by HelloPassenger with the BdM Priority offer. So, you can leave your luggage at CDG airport during a stopover and collect it right after your visit to Paris.

HelloPassenger also offers the BdM Premium service which allows you to save more time during your transits or your  stay in Paris. With this offer, the HelloPassenger crew is responsible for collecting your luggage in the carousel and delivering it to your door. For your departure, a Cabman carries your luggage to the check-in area.

Depending on your origin and final destination, you will have to pass passport control and security during your stopover at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport.

If it is a transit between Schengen countries, you have no control to pass. You will then have to go directly to the boarding gate.

If it is an entry into the Schengen area, you will have to pass passport control and airport security before entering to France.

If it is rather an exit from the Schengen area, you will have to pass passport control at the airport before leaving France.

However, if it is a transit between two non-Schengen countries, you will only have to pass the security check before accessing the boarding gate. If you have to leave the transit area to collect your luggage and check in, then going through passport control is necessary.

HelloPassenger also offers to collect your Transit Visa at its agency.

Depending on the configuration of your trip at Charles-De-Gaulle Airport (CDG), you may have to transit through one of the three terminals on the site. There are several ways to get around the airport, ranging from walking (for the halls of Terminal 2) to using the RER or the CDGVAL shuttle.

The three CDG airport terminals can thus be linked free of charge by the CDGVAL shuttle. Several bus and RER lines, whose timetables are easily consultable, also allow you to cross CDG airport. On average, a trip between the terminals is possible every 5 minutes.

The journey between the terminals takes between 60 and 90 minutes and must be anticipated when you travel. This travel time must also include any baggage check-in time, most of the time extended for security reasons.

To save time, HelloPassenger offers to transport your luggage between the different terminals, or from your home to the check-in area.

What transportation is there to get from CDG airport? Located about 26 km northeast of Paris, CDG airport is accessible by several means of transport: bus, taxi, train, car.

Access by car

  • CDG Airport has direct access to the A1, A3 and A104 highways.

Access by train

  • RER (Paris by train)
  • Line B of the RER serves Paris-Center, as well as the North-South suburbs every 10 to 15 minutes. It takes around 35 minutes to drive between CDG and Paris-châtelet.
  • TGV (Main lines)
  • The TGV-SNCF station located in terminal 2 connects CDG airport to other major cities.

Access by bus

  • Roissybus: connects the airport and the Opera district to Paris (50-60 minutes);
  • Bus Direct (ex Cars Air France);
  • Bus 350, 351;
  • etc.

Access by taxis, shuttles

The taxi ride costs around 50 or 60 euros (price after 8 p.m.) for an average journey between CDG and Paris. There are also cheaper private shuttles or shared taxis. The journey lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.


HelloPassenger has a secure online payment system that accepts Visa and Mastercard credit cards. Only a few clicks on our website are enough to pay your bill securely! It is also possible for you to pay by bank card and cash within our agency.

HelloPassenger also offers a multitude of quality services at CDG airport. Passengers in transit in Paris will therefore be able to benefit from a secure luggage room while strolling through the City of Lights. To avoid clutter and make your journey easier from the start, the HelloPassenger baggage transfer service also offers the transport of your baggage from your place of residence to CDG airport, and vice versa.

At CDG airport, HelloPassenger will offer you other useful services to make your trip easier, such as renting a car seat, umbrellas, strollers or even selling a SIM card.

CDG Airport is surrounded by many chic hotels. We can cite:

  • Sheraton Paris Roissy Airport (0.4 km),
  • Novotel Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, the ibis Styles Paris CDG Airport Roissy and Pullman Hotels and Resorts, both located approximately 0.6 km away [SdC1],
  • ibis Paris CDG Airport (0.7 km) and the Hilton Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport (0.9 km).
  • Beyond 1 km, there are hotels such as: Mercure Paris CDG Airport & Convention (1.3 km), Nomad Paris Roissy CDG (1.7 km), Oceania Paris Roissy CDG (1.8 km), Première Classe Roissy - Aéroport CDG - Le Mesnil-Amelot (1.8 km), Campanile Roissy - Aéroport CDG - Le Mesnil Amelot (1.9 km), Comfort Hotel CDG Airport (2.2 km), Bed and Breakfast Les Herbes Folles (3.1 km), Hôtel Les Herbes Folles (3.1 km), and much more [SdC2].
  • For guaranteed comfort, you can also opt for the Novotel Roissy CDG Convention & Spa hotel, the Relais Spa Paris-Roissy CDG, as well as the Hyatt and Marriott hotels.

Several shops and spaces offer you all the comfort you need to eat at CDG airport.

Whether you are in the entry and baggage check-in area or in the boarding area, you will find simple and delicious solutions for dining.

For those in a hurry who want to eat on the go, counters offer sandwiches, salads, coffees, take-out. So you can eat while heading to your plane. You can also eat on the waiting seats.

You will also find many restaurants in which you can sit and eat as you wish: steak, vegetables, fish. For the most demanding, shops with gourmet products offer pastry, caviar ...

Finally, for small appetites, afternoon tea or coffee for breakfast and in the afternoon, you will find a tea room, juice bars, coffee counters and brasseries.

Having to wait several hours before boarding can be a real ordeal, especially with children. To dispense with the endless wait and the inconvenience it causes, Paris – Charles-de-Gaulle Airport offers activities at the heart of its precinct, distributed in the various terminals.

You can find several restaurants and cafeterias for lunch, dinner or a drink while waiting for your next flight. Shops (excluding VAT) - including Gucci and Prada - for a little shopping. Play areas: for young children - Disney themed - and for older children - where you can find video games and listen to music. You can also take advantage of a Museum Space.

Finally, in order to relieve the stress and anxiety generated by the trip, there is the "Be Relax Spa" (terminal 2E), offering massages and treatments to relax.

Traveling with a baby is not always easy by plane, and the hectic atmosphere of an airport can tire it out. To avoid these inconveniences, Charles-de-Gaulle Airport and HelloPassenger offer adapted services.

If your stroller is gate checked, self-service prams allow you to drive your baby to the boarding gate. HelloPassenger has a stroller rental service at CDG Airport. A way to allow your child to also enjoy his visit to Paris.

Also, it is always possible to change your toddler in all of the airport's toilet blocks. Changing tables and toilets suitable for young children are available. The decoration of these places is also conducive to relaxation.

In addition, priority boarding procedures, which most often apply for children under the age of three, allow them to go directly to the check-in counter and thus avoid the stress of queues.

The best way to park as close as possible to Charles de Gaulle Airport is to use one of the Paris Aéroport car parks. Each car park is adapted to your needs:

  • Drop-off car parks are located near each terminal. They allow you to drop off or pick up someone at the airport. The first 10 minutes are free.
  • The covered car parks P1 and P3 are located near terminals 1 and 2 of the airport
  • The PAB, PCD, PEF, PG, PR and PX car parks are open-air car parks located very close to the boarding areas

Please note that it is possible to reserve a parking space online by purchasing the Premium Parking service. Paris Aéroport also provides parking spaces reserved for 2-wheel vehicles and a Résa @ Parking Eco offer accessible by shuttle.

Other companies offer parking spaces with a shuttle to Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport. The reservation is made online via for example. However, these car parks are farther away from CDG than those of Paris Aéroport.

Finally, you can even earn money by renting your car to an individual while you are enjoying your vacation. Companies like TravelCar offer this service.