What do you need to know before flying ?

Find out any special precautions and conditions for traveling through Charles de Gaulle Airport. Information you need to know before flying or passing through an airport. This allows you to avoid last minute problems.

Luggage dimensions (size, weight ...)

The price of a flight includes the right to hand luggage, under certain conditions and without exceeding the permitted size and weight. Beyond that, luggage will be considered as special baggage. Depending on its weight and size, it will be necessary to transport it in the cabin or in the hold.

More information about baggage sizes and weights at the airport.

Special Luggage

The carriage of special baggage (sports equipment, musical instruments, oversize or overweight luggage...) is subject, in general, to prior authorization.

How can your special baggage be transported by plane ?

Items found

If you find an everyday item (glasses, wallet ...) on board a plane or in the airport, send it to the Paris Airport Lost and Found service (Objet Trouvé). World Baggage will then allow the owner of the object to retrieve it via a home delivery service.

How to deposit and retrieve an object found at CDG airport ?

Traveling with a baby

From the moment you provide advance notification to your airline, it will be able to offer you amenities for your little one (quiet place, hammock, advice ...).

Tips for traveling by plane with your baby

Also learn about services for baggage storage, luggage transport and delivery of objects found at CDG airport. You can also find out what to do during a stopover in Paris.