Paris à aéroport

How do I get to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport?

How do I get around Paris with ease?

Public transportation makes it easy to get to Charles de Gaulle Airport from Paris. The RER B regional train line will get you from Paris to CDG Airport in 35 to 50 minutes (depending on your departure station), while the Roissybus makes a direct trip from the Paris Opera House to CDG Airport in one hour.

The price of a one-way trip is about 10 € for these two modes of transportation (including, in the case of the RER B, a Métro subway connection). There are also one-day Mobilis tickets that allow you unlimited trips in the course of the day.

For transportation between the airport and Paris, you may also enjoy the Bus Le Direct shuttle.

Don’t be weighed down with luggage! Use our baggage check and transfer service at Charles de Gaulle Airport

While it’s easy to get around Paris when you have a layover at Charles de Gaulle Airport, no one wants to be weighed down with luggage, whether for practical reasons or because of the security measures that now prohibit luggage in many Parisian attractions.

Leaving your suitcase at a baggage check in Charles de Gaulle Airport, on the other hand, means that you can leave the airport with your hands free and fully enjoy your layover in Paris, exploring the city’s many museums and monuments, strolling along the Seine, or giving yourself over to the joys of shopping...

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