Voyager avec un bebé

How do I travel with a baby by plane ?

Babies are sensitive creatures. Therefore, traveling with your baby requires special care and caution, especially when traveling by plane.

Knowing that the task is almost never easy, HelloPassenger offers you advice and services that will allow you to travel comfortably with your baby by plane.

There are some precautions to take when traveling with a baby by plane. This applies both before and during the flight.

Our tips for traveling with a baby by plane : before the flight

First of all, don’t fly with your baby if your baby is less than seven days old or if it’s sick at the time. Your baby will be highly-sensitive and the flight conditions will only make the situation worse. Also, before your flight, remember to take everything you need for your baby’s nutritional, health and hygiene needs (diapers, cotton, bottle, health records, medication, etc.). On the other hand, it’s essential to take all of your baby’s identity documents with you and to choose warm clothing.

Our tips for traveling with a baby by plane : during the flight

It’s important to make sure that your baby is comfortable as soon as you arrive at the airport. Use an airport baby stroller to easily and comfortably get around with your baby. Renting a stroller is a good option, so you might want use an airport stroller loan service to make it easier for you. Be sure to accurately write your contact details on your stroller. Make sure your baby drinks plenty of water during the flight. Give your baby some candy or a pacifier during the take-off and landing to help prevent eardrum discomfort.

Our services for traveling comfortably with your baby by plane

HelloPassenger offers a stroller loan service at Charles-de-Gaulle Airport to help you easily find a baby stroller at the airport. To make your trip easier, HelloPassenger also informs you about the size and weight of your luggage at the airport, how to carry your special luggage and advises you on how to report a found item at CDG Airport.

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